When it comes to property marketing and design, how much of an impact is technology like virtual and augmented reality having on the sector?

Brock Carmichael has been a contributor to North West Business Insider’s ‘Talking Property’ section each month for over a year now. We are asked for our opinions every month on a range of topics. This was February’s. 

Michael Cosser, Partner

“Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are advancing fast enough now to be able to offer viable aids for property marketing and sales. Both are predicted to develop significantly over the next 10 years and the property market, alongside the entertainment sector (serious games applications) are the two sectors shaping our expectations and driving development.

Benefits are clear; an ability to visualise a development in detail using computer generated VR (CGVR) or an existing property far more effectively using AR, VR or 360° video. We can show planning officers a development super-imposed onto the existing site or show and change options throughout the construction process. After completion, sales teams can conduct viewings instantly for foreign investors.”

Phil Malthouse, Associate

“CGVR, VR and AR are starting to gain a foothold in the property sector because they help provide a better way to visualise finished building interiors, exteriors or landscapes for all involved.

In addition, there are clear cost benefits too for investors and developers, faster and clearer decisions and the opportunity to reach more potential buyers more easily and speed sales decisions.

The technology is already well used within international property purchases but as technology and data storage and speeds improve, it is becoming more mainstream.

Look up ‘Virtual cities’ from Arup on YouTube and we’ve older examples of CGVR on our YouTube channel and website news. We can direct you to specialist service providers we work with in the North West.”