The Canal House, Birmingham

Cruise Terminal Hotel, Liverpool 

Martins Bank, Liverpool

Plaza Cinema, Stockport

The Fusilier Museum, Bury

Berry House Hotel, Liverpool

Hyde Park Hotel, Bayswater Road, London

Turmeaus Puffin’ Rooms, Liverpool

The Club House, Liverpool

Maritime Museum, Liverpool

McDonalds, Formby

Transport Museum, Bury

Bodnant Garden Visitor Centre, Wales

The Cleremont Club, Berkeley Square, London

The Swan Hotel Newby Bridge, Cumbria

Liverpool Cathedral Visitor Centre

YWCA Headquarters Kowloon, Hong Kong

National Carpet Museum, Worcestershire

Kuumba Imani Centre, Liverpool

Thistle Hotels / Clermont Leisure, London

The Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool


Botanist Roll Out and Delivery, 13 Restaurants

St James’s cigar shop, London