Holly Road completes


The scheme consists of 8 new cottage flats and a further 2 storey refurbished duplex within the setting of a listed building. The site is surrounded by other Victorian era Neo-Georgian and Gothic style villas.

All homes are cottage flats walk up arrangements for individual external front doors around a courtyard configuration and of a vernacular design. All buildings are two-storey and with associated external space, car parking and landscaping.

John Cassell, the Partner leading the project at Brock Carmichael, said;
“Brock Carmichael is really proud of the work we’ve undertaken at Holly Road to take derelict land and buildings and create new homes for the community.”

He added; “Brock Carmichael has always seen social housing as a key foundation for the practice and we are currently undertaking a wide variety of work where councils and social housing providers are wanting to make more effective use of their built assets.”