Shacklady Road completes providing 43 New Homes in Kirkby, Liverpool


Brock Carmichael has completed work with Plus Dane Group, Knowsley Borough Council and main contractors Vistry Group on 43 new homes in Shacklady Road, Pentland Road and Trecastle Road, Northwood, Kirkby, Liverpool. Homes are a mix of family housing, eight one-bedroom apartments and six two-bedroom bungalows.

The development brings an unused urban brownfield site back into use on the edge of existing housing. It provides new, high quality homes with frontages that give a stronger sense of community, urban cohesion and a better sense of place, with improved connections to Northwood Forrest Hills and its fishing lake.

John Cassell, Partner at Brock Carmichael said; “Brock Carmichael is often a catalyst in turning the vision for a site, community or building into reality. That usually involves bringing a team together consisting of a housing association, council, contractors and increasingly these days, residents and communities. This project for Plus Dane is an excellent example of what can be achieved when you work together.”

He added: “The mix of housing types we’ve designed helps provide housing diversity and supports sustainable population retention with a variety of accommodation for families and enabling local residents to downsize. The homes had to sit comfortably within the existing housing and achieve a high quality design including improved accessibility and security by designing to Secured by Design principles. They are built to contemporary high national standards for energy and water saving, with high insulation values, air tightness and acoustic insulation.”

Detailing references the existing housing there, but interprets this in a more contemporary manner, with simple detail and a palette of good quality materials leading to a complementary but strong sense of individual character to the new homes.

Work began on site in January 2018 and is now complete, families have moved in and are already enjoying their new surroundings. The development of 43 homes at Shacklady Road forms part of Knowsley Council’s Growth Strategy and was the beneficiary of a £1.38m grant from Homes England.