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The site consists of three historic buildings one of which, 4A, was the first United States consulate outside the USA and is marked by a gilded sculpture of a bald-headed eagle on the Paradise Street façade from which the group of buildings derives its name.


The Conservation Centre at National Museums Liverpool carried out renovation of the carved timber eagle.

Site B is a five-storey mixed-use development The Hanover Street elevation incorporates the
retained façade of a former building. The new
parts are a contextual design that evokes some
of the townscape characteristics of the former
buildings on the site, such as the Dutch gable
and use of red-brickwork, which was a planning requirement. The apartments are grouped around an internal atrium, which provides a focal point and amenity space for the residents.
Site 4C is the Stanley Building, dating from the 1880’s the building is in the Duke Street Conservation Area and, because it is of historic interest within a predominately new scheme, sensitive refurbishment was the paramount design objective.

The challenge was to accommodate a mix of
uses within the relatively small and irregular
building footprint and with the constraints of
retained building façades, the warehouse shell
and a brick arch-vaulted sub-basement.

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