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A new residential development totalling 165 units on Sutton Court Road, South London. Totalling 165 units, the lower ten floors will contain ten apartments per floor and the upper, seven per floor. The tenth floor boasts a roof terrace and resident’s facilities


The site’s proximity to the London Victoria to Gatwick and Brighton rail line, provides fantastic public transport connections, but it also presents a unique set of challenges for construction. Working together with the Watkin Jones Built to Rent team, Brock Carmichael has developed an offsite manufactured, sophisticated facade design that overcomes these issues. This approach streamlines the construction process, minimises the potential for construction defects, improves build quality and reduces health and safety risk.

The building is highly efficient, wrapping a mix of apartments around a central core. The main elevation features a dynamic alternating balcony design, adding privacy and providing an appropriate architectural response to this urban location. The entrance will feature concierge facilities and a management suite at ground level. Car parking is at lower ground level with space for bicycle storage.

Brock Carmichael
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