Selected Projects

One Park West, Liverpool

YWCA Headquarters Kowloon, Hong Kong

Loushers Lane, Warrington

Baltic View, Liverpool

Hetherlow, Walton

Tower Building, Liverpool

Sycamore Lane, Warrington 

Campbell Square, Liverpool

Dick Lovett site, Bath

Ogdens Imperial Tobacco Building, Liverpool

Maritime Museum, Liverpool

Blacon Parade, Chester

Wyre Dock, Lancashire

Ocean One Masterplan, Tianjin, China

Great George Street, Liverpool

Wuli District, Kunming, China

The Rise, Liverpool

East Village, Liverpool

Training & Education Centre, Speke

Cowley Hill, St Helens


The Plaza, Liverpool

Shilin Stone Forest Resort, China

Beetham Plaza, Liverpool

Foxwood, Warrington

10 Duke Street, Liverpool

Hive City Docks, Liverpool

Liverpool One Sites 4A/B/C