Emma Gibson    Architectural Assistant

BA(Hons), MArch Part 2

Emma joined as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant in October 2018 from Newcastle University, where she also studied her undergraduate degree. She has an interest in planning and the concept stages of design, using hand drawing and model making as her initial design methodology. Previous experience in commercial architecture influenced her interest and research in the ‘experience economy’ and restaurant projects, which her thesis was based on. Following work in Town Planning at University, Emma has an interest in planning theory and public participation, making large scale installations to encourage public involvement and awareness of current issues within the urban environment. You can find Emma illustrating in her spare time.

Favourite Building in Liverpool:

The Royal Albert Docks. I love the way it cleverly integrates the old with the new; traditional with contemporary through it’s regenerative transformation. I have fond memories of coming to the docks as a child, visiting the Tate Art Gallery; one of my favourite galleries.


Favourite Building in the world:

The Jewish Museum, Berlin. Architect Daniel Libeskind designed this deconstructivist-style building aimed to create a lasting expression of Jewish presence and displacement. This inspiring piece of contemporary architecture used unusual levels, irregular lines and large voids to represent the fractured Jewish past which feels truly chilling at times.

A special mention for the Schroder House, Netherlands. I enjoyed the narrative behind the De Stijl style house which was designed for a dutch family. Architect Gerrit Rietveld designed this eccentric house to remove hierarchy and containment through innovative solutions like portable partitions to address design questions of its time. I believe we can learn a lot from this revolutionary design as houses are becoming more compact.

My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World