Jamie McShane Architect

BA(Hons), DipArch, RIBA

A graduate from the Liverpool School of Art and Design, Jamie has worked on a range of projects in the UK and abroad which has established his experience in Leisure & Hospitality and the Housing Sector. Jamie joined Brock Carmichael in 2016 to assist the team with their growing portfolio of Hotel, Bar & Restaurant projects and pursue his passion for contemporary housing design.
Devoted to social regeneration, Jamie believes in using the design process as a vehicle to engage the public, to ethically enlighten clients, and inform his approach for the estate regeneration projects he is currently responsible for.

Favourite building in the World:

Newhall Be, Harlow, Alison Brooks Architects. Newhall Be demonstrates the added value that good architects can bring to the problem of housing.Frathod

Favourite Building in Liverpool:

Eldonian Village, Vauxhall, Halsall Lloyd Partnership, A holistic approach for the development of a ‘self-regenerating community’, through a philosophy rooted in community empowerment with pioneering approaches to design participation.

Project Experience

  • Holly Road, Liverpool
  • Kirkby Bungalows for First Ark Group/ Knowsley Housing Trust
  • Sanctuary Housing Association Housing 55 homes across six sites.
  • CWAC Scheme – 40 New Build Homes
  • Martins Bank Building

My favourite Brock Carmichael project

My favourite building in Liverpool

My favourite building in the World

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